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Peter Karuso

Peter Karuso

Peter Karuso


@ University of Sydney

@ University of Sydney

Cert. Higher Ed. @ Macquarie University

Outstanding Teacher
Award 2000
@ Macquarie University

Fellowship of Royal
Australian Chemical
Institute 2000


Dr. Karuso is Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences, Macquarie University. He obtained his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Sydney. This was followed by several post-doctoral appointments: Department of Zoology, University of Auckland; Department of Chemistry, University of Hawaii; Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Texas A&M University; Department of Organic Chemistry at the Technische Universität München as an Alexander von Humbolt Fellow before returning to Australia to take up an appointment as Lecturer in Biotechnology and Organic Chemistry at Macquarie University. The has served as head of Department (2002-2005) and as the Chief Scientific Officer of the University start-up company, Fluortechnics (2003-2008)

Our research interests lie in the application of small molecules to biological systems, which involves new and exciting multidisciplinary approaches incorporating molecular biology, organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, NMR spectroscopy, computational chemistry and biochemistry to solving medicinally relevant problems. We are particularly interested in marine natural products and fluorescent natural products, their biological activity, biosynthesis and most importantly, their modes of action as drugs and applications in biotechnology.

Research Interests

  • Natural product chemistry
  • Phage display and yeast surface display in the isolation of natural product binding proteins
  • Fluorescent Natural Products
  • Synthesis of Natural Products and analogues

Current Collaborations

  • Xavier Franck, CNRS, University Rouen - Synthesis of epicocconone and analogs
  • Anindya Datta, IIT(Bombay) - Characterisation of natural fluorophores