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Protein Structure Group - Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences


A/Prof. Bridget Mabbutt

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The molecular structure and architecture of a protein is intrinsic to its unique biological function. Structural biology aims to define this molecular detail, and is currently a major area of activity worldwide, interfacing with outputs of both genomics and medical research. X-ray crystallography and high-field NMR data are today routinely used to determine the full 3D structures of proteins and mixed protein complexes, providing the molecular basis of many important cellular processes.

Our laboratory has significant experience in protein structure and in recombinant methods of producing engineered proteins for structural study. We are part of the Biomolecular Frontiers CORE, Macquarie University . Our resources include in-house protein expression needs, crystallisation robot and high performance x-ray facilities (shared with University of NSW ) and access to MUCAB (Macquarie University Centre for Analytical Biotechnology) for protein purification and analysis.


Current Projects


Lsm and RNA biology

Protein Engineering


Structural Genomics

Mobile Genes of Pathogens